Ms. Ellen Reddy, Executive Director, is one of the co-founders of Nollie Jenkins Family Center. She is responsible for all day to day operations of the organization, including staff and fiscal management, resource development, and program implementation. Ms. Reddy’s exhaustive work in public education reform and juvenile justice is unchallenged, earning her several awards including being named one of Mississippi’s “Heroes for Children.” The Morgan State University graduate is a highly effective community organizer. She is proud to serve her community.EMAIL

Ms. Janice M. Harper, Sr. Community Organizer with Nollie Jenkins Family Center. She works to find and develop ways to achieve positive changes in order to lead community towards effective outcomes by a process that will change lives, while advocating for student’s educational rights. She is a member of the Mississippi Delta Catalyst Roundtable and sits on several other committees addressing education reform issues/policies. Ms. Harper is an Associate of the Arts graduate from Ashford University. EMAIL

Ms. Michelle Wilson, is Nollie Jenkins Family Center Administrative Assistant/Office Manger.  EMAIL

Mr. Curtis Hill, Youth Organizer, is now a college student at University of Mississippi (Ole Miss); yet still volunteers and gives back to his community.  He is very involved in the South x Southwest Experiment working groups.  Mr. Hill enjoys reading and plans to become an attorney.

Mr. Anfernee Horton, Youth Organizer, attends Jackson State University (JSU) and is the Principal Investigator of Nollie’s Scholars of Peace program. He  volunteers his time when possible, gives back to his community, and is also involved in Nollie’s campaign work to abolish corporal punishment.

Ms. Cyntra Lewis, is Nollie Jenkins Family Center Equity Organizer.  EMAIL

Ms. Curshevia Robinson, Youth Organizer, is a current student in Brandon, MS.  Ms. Robinson is an avid reader and hopes to one day become a teacher/model. She volunteers when necessary in order to stay involved and give back to her community.

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