Ms. Ellen Reddy, Executive Director, is one of the co-founders of Nollie Jenkins Family Center. She is responsible for all day to day operations of the organization, including staff and fiscal management, resource development, and program implementation. Ms. Reddy’s exhaustive work in public education reform and juvenile justice is unchallenged, earning her several awards including being named one of Mississippi’s “Heroes for Children.” The Morgan State University graduate is a highly effective community organizer. She is proud to serve her community.EMAIL

Ms. Janice M. Harper, Community Organizer, has been with Nollie Jenkins Family Center for three years. She works to find and develop ways to achieve positive changes in order to lead community towards effective outcomes by a process that will change lives, while advocating for student’s educational rights. She is a member of the Mississippi Delta Catalyst Roundtable. Ms. Harper is an Associate of the Arts graduate from Ashford University. EMAIL

Ms. Rose Walden, Community Organizer, mother of 7 children and grandmother of 35 children, takes pride in fighting for a quality education for all children. She enjoys being involved in the Community Garden project and talking with parents. She volunteered with Nollie’s for approximately 5 years and has served on the Board of Directors for 2 years. EMAIL

Mr. Curtis Hill, Youth Organizer, is a sophomore at Jacob J. McClain High School. He is very involved in the South x Southwest Experiment working groups. Mr. Hill enjoys reading and plans to become an attorney. EMAIL

Mr. Anfernee Horton, Youth Organizer, is the Principal Investigator of Nollie’s Scholars of Peace program. He is also actively involved in Nollie’s work to get rid of illegal dumpsites. EMAIL

Mr. Randarious Cooper, Youth Organizer, is a student at Jacob J. McClain High School. Mr. Cooper works on Student Discipline and Prevention of Schoolhouse 2 Jailhouse initiatives. He has been a staff member for 3 years as a youth organizer and recently became a member of the Board of Directors. EMAIL

Ms. Curshevia Robinson, Youth Organizer, is a student at Lexington Elementary School. Ms. Robinson is an avid reader and hopes to one day become a teacher/model. EMAIL

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  • Today’s Quote

    "There is no trust more sacred than the one the world holds with children. There is no duty more important than ensuring that their rights are respected, that their welfare is protected, that their lives are free from fear and want and that they can grow up in peace." - Kofi Annan
  • Census 2010

    Working with our friends at Southern Echo, Inc., Nollie Jenkins Family Center is working to ensure an accurate 2010 census count. Check out this Community Worker Fact Sheet provided by Echo. Also check out some of Echo’s maps including: a Holmes County Hard to Count Census Tracts map and MS Census Partnership Specialist map.